In the Buddies section you see status of the Buddies that you are connected to.
You see their selected mood emoji as well as their status. Your Buddies see the
same information about you.

By selecting an icon in the bottom (click the icon), adding a text in the field next
to it, and click Save you have updated your status.

By clicking at one of your Buddies you enter into their activities, and can there add
an activity in the same way you would add your own activity (see below).

Click the plus sign to add an activity in your calender. Add a name and a day/time,
and select if it is a weekly recurring activity by setting the button on/off.
Select an icon for your activity if you like. Click Save. The app will remind you
15 minutes before the start of the activity if you have allowed the app to give you
push notices in your phone’s settings.

In the week section you see all of your saved activities, both ones added by yourself
and by your Buddies into your schedule.

In the Search section you see your Buddies. You can remove a Buddy by clicking ‘Stop sharing’.
You can search Buddies by start typing their name in the search field. Click ‘Share’ next
to their name to start sharing your DayBuddy with them.

In the Profile section you see your user data. By clicking the three dots in the top right
corner you access user terms, privacy policy and log out from the app.